About the Earth

"How will the earth knows, if the heavens don't speak?"

Likewise humans. How could they understand and know if they are not told the truth.
As for me, who is not God and cannot know all of your heart without you talking.

I'm only human being who has limitations. My reasoning is not universal's so that I can understand without having to talk. Reason also did not find the radar.

Tell me the truth. Don’t make me confuse so that I know what I’m going to do. 
I don’t want to regret. Please don’t hate me if I don’t discern at you, because there’s no call. 

Give the space, if you only landing on hurt. Because I keep my heart for somebody who ready to guide me. I just want to keep my principle.

Just back off if you don’t want to stay. Time to short and I just want give my heart for who deserve it. 

For me, love is not a game for seeing a joke. Because love is not a game. Fastened with ties sacred namely marriage.

My friend said “only one life so also in love” I understand, there’s no love except marriage. Who deserve love that make the promise by God.

Humans have limited knowledge whereas Allah's is unlimited. 

Let Allah choose the appropriate partner for your life. Because Allah knows who is the best one for you. There will be someone who will complete your strengths and accept all your shortcomings with all of her/his heart.

Say yes, if yes. Say No, if not. Don't pretend anymore, because the time we have will no longer be able to pull and repeat it.


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