Because All It's Proceed

The greatest enemy within is your fear
Actually, you can
But that fear overwhelms you
Actually, you can
Though many times you resist the pain of failure

Of all the pain
Of all flavors of failure
Of all pessimism
Only you can change that

It's okay you look weak
It's okay for you to get up alone
All you need to remember is one thing
Success does not just come
You have to pick her up

Pick up with prayer
Pick up with hope
Pick up with dreams
Pick up with passion
Pick up with perseverance

Later you'll know
It feels successful after many times failed

Later you will understand
The beauty of the struggle after the exhaustion of sacrifice

It's okay even though you're ransomed with tears
It's okay even if you ransom with fatigue
It's okay even though you're redeemed for a short time

Later Allah will show you what success is best for you
It's okay you think your pain is only you who feel

But remember,
The results will not betray the effort
There is Allah who is with you in every breath
There is Allah who sees you in every prostration
There is Allah who witnessed the fall and awakening of you in life

It's okay not fast
Because All it's proceed
You just have to appreciate it with care and detail


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